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An evolving community concerned with cultivating social and economic justice in the Nation’s Capital,  Social Justice Camp DC has previously manifested itself as unconferences and events on MLK Weekend in DC.

Past events have convened ndividuals interested in pursuing social justice in Washington, DC through art, technology & collaboration.

For information regarding 2011’s Social Justice Camp’s Unconferences, you can go to our eventbrite pages here  http://sojuca2.eventbrite.com/ and here http://sojuca2011.eventbrite.com

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This was our 2010 Schedule:

Ignite Sessions
7pm – 9:30pm
Friday, January 15th, 2010
Undercroft Theatre, Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church
902 Massachusetts Ave, NW (Gallery Place & Metro Center, google maps)

Using a structured presentation format (speakers get 5 minutes and up to 20 slides), presenters will showcase innovative, DC-based projects and topics int he social justice space.

Social Justice Camp DC
9am – 5pm
Saturday, January 16th, 2010
GWU’s School of Media & Public Affairs Building
805 21st St, NW (Foggy Bottom Metro, google map)

A participant driven conference, Saturday’s Camp will have a format inspired by unconference/barcamp style events. Camp attendees will help create the conference agenda and drive discussion throughout the day.

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Social Justice Camp DC Organizers:

Kelli Shewmaker:

Kelli comes to DC by way of Texas and Colorado. She’s interested in using creative writing to transform the way people think and feel, has strong, innate waitressing tendencies, and a memory that is practically a superpower (we can only hope for good). Be careful what you say around her, she will remind you in like 2 years after you’ve forgotten.

Jenn Bonsall:

Jenn is Iowan and makes absolutely wicked chocolate-covered coconut macaroons. She is committed to community development, community service, and communing with her very dextrous cat Tuesday. In her free time, she plans to knit a scarf large enough to keep all of DC warm in case 2010 sees another #snOMG.

Aaron Ginoza:

Aaron has lived in DC since 2005 and is interested in revitalizing DC civic life through the arts and online collaboration.  In another place & time, Aaron might have been a monk or a philosopher, but here and now he’s an urban sage. Of late he’s been kind of obsessed with a dude named Reinhold Niebuhr.

Christiana Aretta:

Christiana’s place near U street has a front door that is almost as awesome as she is. She’s got wicked branding skills and there are rumors she worked on Shania Twain’s first Web site. In her spare time, she teaches photography to kids and runs a journal about food, photography, and toys.  And she might just be the person you need to talk to if you wanna start a farm in your backyard (or on Facebook).

Ben Merrion:

Ben is Social Justice Camp DC’s resident expert on Adult Literacy. He was voted the ‘most positive’ of the team as he is a bottomless store of genuine excitement. Ben blogs for DC Learns, DC’s Literacy Coaltion, and in his spare time tries to keep his cat from pursuing world domination.

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